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Snowy Owl Earrings


Snowy owls breed in the flat lands of the arctic circle where they often perch on a small mound to get a better view of the vast landscape. Sometimes, snowy owls move south in the winter to take advantage of hunting open farmlands and coastlines. Here they will often look like lump on the ground but can sometimes be seen perching on farm structures. They seem reluctant to take flight even when being harassed by other birds, but if one is patient they may get to catch a glimpse of a snowy owl in flight.

Bring home a pair of earrings showing how Snowy Owls look when on the ground and showing of their white wings while soaring in flight. Jabebo Studio designs earrings in mis-matched sets in order to highlight special features of a given species.

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Hand-made in the USA with post-consumer cereal box paperboard and surgical steel hangers.

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Dimensions 2 × .01 × 2.5 in