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Seasons At A New England Bog


Seasons At A New England Bog: A Photographic Essay by Bob Fleck

Many fresh water wetlands in New England are protected and enjoyed by visitors from near and far for the abundance of flora and fauna, as well as the varied geology often found surrounding these rich natural areas.  A sense of peace and closeness to nature  is also found in these places.  Quincy Bog Natural Area (QBNA) in Rumney, NH is typical of many of the wetlands throughout New England.  Many of these wetlands are called “bogs”, but they are in reality “fens”.

Often these sensitive areas were once threatened by development and local groups intervened in some manner to protect them.  In the case of QBNA, a concerned group purchased the property to preserve and protect the ecosystem, which led to the formation of the Pemi-Baker Land Trust (PBLT).  PBLT currently protects three properties through direct ownership of 140 acres in Rumney, NH, including Quincy Bog Natural Area, the Quincy Pastures Forest, and the Baker Forest, along with other privately owned properties through conservation easements.

Most of the images presented in this book were photographed in or near the Quincy Bog Natural Area.

A significant portion of the profits from sales of this book will be contributed to support and maintain the activities of the Pemi-Baker Land Trust.

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