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Birds on a wire


Check out this mix of Birds on a Wire in this beautiful puzzle. Set against a cloud filled blue sky, three wires of a fence show some beautifully perched birds. The top wire features a house finch, golden-crowned kinglet, house sparrow, American goldfinch, and song sparrow. On the second wire are male and female Northern Cardinals and their three chicks. On the bottom  wire is an Evening grosbeak, American robin, eastern bluebird, and cedar waxwing.

500 pieces
Assembled Size: 26.625″ x 19.25″

Artist: Greg Giordano

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Crafted with the finest inks and varnishes to meet museum quality standards. Features linen textured paper and premium grade blue board and 100% recycled chipboard. The pieces are random-shaped.

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Weight 24 oz
Dimensions 14 × 10 × 2.38 in