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American Goldfinch Earrings


American Goldfinches are known for their bright yellow and black coloration and light hearted “potato chip!” exclamations as they soar through the sky. A less known fact is that these are the strictest vegetarians for the bird world! Even young are fed seeds and plant material. This is why American Goldfinches are common to find at bird feeders – seed buffet!

Bring home a pair of American Goldfinch earrings to show off this spectacularly yellow vegetarian! One earring shows this bird in flight and the other is an American Goldfinch feeding on seeds of a flower. Jabebo Studio designs earrings in mis-matched sets in order to highlight special features of a given species.

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Hand-made in the USA with post-consumer cereal box paperboard and surgical steel hangers.

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Dimensions 2 × .01 × 2.5 in